OPEN is a growing sisterhood of national grassroots campaigning organisations.

OPEN groups use digital tools and real-world organising to help over 17 million individual members drive progressive change.

Together we share innovations, collaborate on common goals and accelerate new organisations to deepen impact around the world.

All OPEN organisations are fully autonomous, deriving their mandate and agenda exclusively from the members they serve in their home country.

The OPEN network is growing rapidly and now includes some groups facing political repression. Therefore, this site does not reflect all current members.

Interested in starting an OPEN organisation in your country?

Connecting this Global Family of Organisers

OPEN groups connect year-round to share lessons learned, cautionary tales and best practices to supercharge every aspect of what we do and how we do it. The combination of shared values, similar practices and almost no institutional competition creates an extremely honest, generous and valuable exchange.

OPEN network members connect virtually through thousands of messages every month, live web seminars and facilitated learning circles across multiple issue and role cohorts. We gather physically at regular global and regional summits and through international staff exchanges. Over 120 such physical visits have occurred since 2014.

Enhancing the Network with World-Class Services

OPEN network members benefit from special access to best-in-class external resources ranging from video production to management coaching. And OPEN’s staff of seasoned campaign veterans provide expert training and strategic support where appropriate.

OPEN also coordinates collaborative tech development across the network to innovate the next generation of digital tools for grassroots advocacy. Priority frontiers for this work include unleashing the full organising power of mobile-first platforms – especially in the Global South – and turbo-charging campaigns led by local volunteers.

Growing the Family

OPEN helps new member organisations start, launch, grow and thrive in key nations around the world in record time.

When OPEN launched in 2013, there were five founding organisations following 15 years of linear progress. Three years later, the network has more than tripled. Our priority growth areas are Europe and the Global South.

OPEN helps each start-up initiative achieve the high-quality leadership, strategy, technology, funding and institutional foundation they need for success. And the OPEN peer network ensures that every startup begins with the accumulated wisdom of those who have come before.

Today, recent OPEN startups across 5 continents are already fighting and winning campaigns on critical issues from air quality in Poland to child poverty in New Zealand to police brutality in South Africa.

Innovations in tactics and technology regularly flow from new groups to older groups and back again, accelerating progress for all.